Hidden Jobs App Acquires HiddenJobReport.com

Hidden Job Services Team Up To Unlock the Hidden Job Market

TRUMBULL, CT – HiddenJobsApp.com has acquired the rights to the Hidden Job Report blog authored by industry veteran Jim Stroud. The blog will now serve to compliment the Hidden Jobs mobile app and website. Together, the two services will help job seekers tap the hidden job market.

Launched in 2010, HiddenJobReport.com delivers a weekly blog post about companies that are hiring. It’s been a great way to uncover new opportunities that have yet to be posted online. The posts have proven to be very popular according to Stroud. “The hidden job market has always been a challenge for traditional job seekers. As such, “The Hidden Job Report” has always been appreciated by job seekers looking for a strategic advantage.”

According to most experts up to 80% of jobs are never advertised. That means job seekers must uncover these leads in order to maximize their search. “Don’t job hunt, …company hunt”, says Chris Russell, founder of the Hidden Jobs App. “Look for companies that are hiring-expanding and get your foot in the door”.

The Hidden Jobs App is a free website and mobile app that directs job seekers to articles, press releases and news stories about companies that have announced hiring plans. It’s an essential tool for any job seeker and recruiters for that matter. The site is currently tracking over 700,000 new job leads. All of which have been announced in the past 90 days.


For more information, contact info@hiddenjobsapp.com

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