Mobile Recruitment Strategies

Jim Stroud chats with Michael Marlatt about mobile recruiting. Specifically, they discussed companies sending text messages to passive candidates. The photographs in the show were taken by Stephen Renney. Download the show notes:

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One thought on “Mobile Recruitment Strategies”

  1. Hi Jim,
    Really interesting post. I’m working on a new careers site that will have significant mobile integration in the near future. is all about providing you with a tool to manage your career and track any new opportunities that arise, or manage your transition into a new role. It’s not your typical job site – i.e. it’s not a list of advertised jobs.
    When the mobile features arrive you will be able to see a summary of the recruiter/employer who is contacting you, including useful information like their star rating. I’ve found a lot of people struggle in dealing with the vast number of calls/emails that they often get from recruitment firms. We’ve got a variety of ways to try and deal with this. As you point out, I’d expect text messages to be the next major tool in the recruiters arsenal. I’ve had a few text me in the last week or so – so they are definitely starting to use this approach.
    Interesting post.

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