How To Recruit with Instagram

In this special episode of The Jim Stroud Show, Jim interviews Jeremy Langhans to discuss innovation in recruiting. Specifically, Jeremy details how he leveraged Instagram to recruit passive candidates during his tenure at Starbucks. Furthermore, he discusses the choices one makes when managing a career site. Should you create multiple mobile versions of the same site, or do something different? Jeremy opted for the latter. Tune in to get inspired.

00:18 – Jeremy Langhans, how are you sir?
00:36 – Let people know who you are and what you do
01:45 – Who is leveraging Instagram from a recruiting perspective?
03:37 – The strategy, really, was a picture is worth a thousand words.
05:34 – Starbucks being such a strong brand, did you encounter any negativity using Instagram (to recruit)?
07:43 – Here is an opportunity to share the experience of working at Starbucks
09:00 – Maybe even on Pinterest for that matter. What do you think of that?
10:25 – You need to listen to your community, reply and engage with them
11:37 – One thing I learned when I took over the career center at Starbucks
12:07 – The second option I had was going with Fluid CSS or Responsive Web Design
12:55 – Tells the server what size the window is and delivers the page
14:00 – I am speaking at the national SHRM conference in Atlanta

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One thought on “How To Recruit with Instagram”

  1. I like that phrase, “engagement is king, content is queen”… Fluid CSS / Responsive Web Design determines what the user’s screen dimensions, etc., are, and the .css style sheet delivers the right version of content suitable for the browser/device… Glad to hear Jeremy is speaking at annual SHRM conference on social recruiting in late June 2012… It would be nice to show a URL from what he’s doing (he said it quickly in the last half of the interview), screenshot of his reports, etc., rather than just the still image of him that appears throughout the interview. (And if you have to keep just that image throughout, can you fix Jeremy’s surname spelling there.)

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