Download eBook: How to Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!)

 UPDATED: 9.23.12 | My e-book now costs $0.00!!! 

Did you know that you are overlooking thousands (if not millions) of job opportunities everyday?

I wrote an ebook on job / career hunting called “How To Find a Job Now (and never have to look for a job again).” I have already produced several videos on job hunting strategies, spoken at career ministries and job seeker events, written articles on how to find hidden jobs, contributed to a few books, participated in podcasts and achieved some notoriety in the recruiting world but, I do not have a book of my own. It has been suggested to me on several occasions that I should do so and I feel that now is the right time.

I was quoted in: Globe and Mail, US News and World Report, Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution., Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise and The HR Examiner have all cited my contribution to job seekers.

I have been involved in the recruiting industry for over a decade and have worked for such companies as Google, Microsoft, Siemens, MCI and a host of startup companies. I have produced award winning blogs, been featured in several leading publications and have been cited several times for my digital influence. Check out my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me and to network.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How companies find people to recruit
  • How to position yourself to be found by recruiters
  • How to make money in-between jobs
  • How (and why) you should be protecting your online reputation
  • How to protect your reputation on Facebook
  • Why you should be involved in social networks
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Twitter to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Google Plus to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Facebook to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to create and manage a job search team
  • How to cold-call into a company
  • How to search job boards you’ve never heard of
  • Nine reasons why recruiters never call you (and ways to convince them otherwise)
  • How to find work by researching press releases
  • How to find a job before the job description is written
  • How to use search engines to find your next boss
  • How to look for work in other countries
  • How to find a job on Skype
  • How to apply for a job that has impossible requirements
  • How to job hunt like a spy
  • How to get job search help from friends and family
  • A template for the perfect prospecting letter
  • Resources and recommendations for job seekers
  • More…


This ebook is designed for very short attention spans! It has a LOT of visuals and limited text. However, there is a lot to digest within these pages. 😉

How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!) by Jim Stroud

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. Click here to read my ebook fullscreen and to give unemployment a punch in the face. (Boo-yaah!) Or, click here to download a copy of my e-book.

Jim Stroud

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