Google vs Bing: Search Engine Wars

In this episode of The Jim Stroud Show, Jim answers a question from @rithesh. Which search engine gives the best search results for sourcers? Google or Bing? Jim investigates using, a website that gives you a blind taste test on search engine results. So, who won? The results may surprise you.

The searches done in this test, were not ordinary searches. They were specialized search strings designed to find free resumes online and in one case, information on Jim Stroud’s professional life. To see the searches that Jim use, check out the links below. They each forward to search Yahooo search results so as to not give anything away before you watch the video. (wink)

Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3: (misspelled on purpose)
Round 4:
Round 5:

The results of my test were interesting, but I would much rather hear about yours. Do me a favor and do your own BingItOn search taste test and let me know how you fared. Cool? Just go to:

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