The Next Big Thing in Recruiting is… Voice Search Optimization

I read recently that Google released a new version of its search app for iPhone and iPad this week. (Yawn.) I scanned the article and read that part of the update included a “siri-killer.” (Really?) I downloaded the update and experimented and I must say, LOVE it! (big smile) Check out my video for more info on my reaction and why I think it matters for recruiting.

NOTE: In this episode of The Jim Stroud Show, I researched some companies to see which were best positioned to take advantage of the mobile search trends as they relate to recruiting and employment branding. The queries I used were among the most popular searches performed on Google. How do I know that? I used Google Suggest which predicts what you are looking for based on popular searches related to what you are typing.

In case you are feeling especially geeky, here are some other searches I performed but did not share on the video due to time constraints.

Is there a job market for lawyers?

  • No job listings. No law firm optimized to get the traffic that this popular search generates.

Is there a job for a 15 year old?

  • No job listings. No internships being advertised.

Are there any jobs in philosophy?

  • Two links pointed to job listings

I want to work from home. What can I do?

  • No job listings

I want a job where I can make a difference

  • No job listings

I noticed that when I asked what is it like to work for… (insert company here), the top result tended to be Glassdoor or a site similar to that. Interesting… And just to give a shout-out to my employer – Bernard Hodes Group, whenever I did a search on “What is it like to work for Bernard Hodes Group?” or “What is it like to work at Bernard Hodes Group?” our career site was the #1 result. Just sayin’…

Is your company voice search optimizing its career site? Curious.


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