“Resume Forensics” by Jim Stroud will be Published Soon

Jim Stroud is the author of Resume ForensicsA quick note to my subscribers and friends:

Way back in 2008, I created a training guide called Resume Forensics. In a nutshell, it was a how-to for finding resumes and passive candidates on Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few other resources. In all modesty, it was an underground hit. I clocked several downloads from my site and learned that it was passed around extensively from recruiter to recruiter and sourcer to sourcer, all over the world. Go figure.

As recently as a few months ago, someone asked me for an autographed copy which I found very flattering as I had not promoted my work or made it available for download since, umm… late 2009. So, I got this idea.

I decided to update Resume Forensics to reflect so many changes on the web since 2008. I also focused the content a bit more in reaction to some of the feedback I received.

Resume Forensics is not ready yet, but its very close to being released. If you want to know the moment its ready, click here and you will be notified via email.

If you would like a copy of my original guide, you will have to ask around. Sorry! I am not making it available. If you ask around however, you might get lucky and find one.  (fingers crossed) If you have no clue as to what to expect from “Resume Forensics,” check out the video on this post and others on my YouTube channel.

Okay, back to the grind for me.  (smile)

E’ ya’ later!

Jim Stroud

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