I need your help to research a cool tool. Help me out?

I recently discovered a (potentially) cool tool called – Thunderclap! (Hat tip to Otis Collier.) I want to experiment with it and brainstorm on the possibilities. However, I need your help to do so.

What does it do?

Thunderclap is a crowdsourced social media campaign. Let’s say that I want to promote a cause of some sort. If you are in agreement, you lend your support by authenticating your Twitter account. On a certain day and time, a message is posted on your Twitter. Hopefully, this will cause a trend effect and the message will be echoed over and over again on Twitter resulting in a desired aim.  (Other social networks can be added as well, but my focus today is on Twitter.)

What do you want from me?

I am experimenting with Thunderclap to promote my book. However, I am wondering if it will actually work and how else it can be applied. As such, I need your help! What I want from you is to donate one tweet to my cause.

What’s in it for me?

I will write a report on how I used this tool and share the data with anyone who wants to read it. Maybe it will spark ideas on your end and we can collaborate in the future. (smile)

Okay, what do I do?

To start the process, I need 100 people to click here, sign up and donate one tweet. The deadline is July 29, 2013.  So, please, act now!

This is what the tweet will say when/if it launches:

“Spread the word about “Resume Forensics” to the unemployed and the recruiters who need to hire them! http://thndr.it/12TGTqq

Is that it? 


Thank you in advance for helping me out. It is very much appreciated! (And if you want to donate a Facebook in addition to a Tweet, that’s fine too. I won’t get mad.)


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9 thoughts on “I need your help to research a cool tool. Help me out?”

  1. Just did it – so they are all released at the same time – that’s very cool. It’s hard without a big launch to get people talking at the same time about anything. This solves the problem giving you time to get momentum up without having your name dropped on CNN or a massive blog.

  2. if you and Otis weren’t my MSFT sourcing ex-colleagues, I’d wonder if all kinds of crazy posts would start getting sent out of my account, but it appears Thunderclap can be turned off if it does anything funky, so … sure!

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