The Building Blocks of Social Recruiting

Cuatro causas por las que tu empresa no funciona bien en los medios sociales

On October 30th, I was a guest on #NextChat, a video interview series focused on workplace trends. The video was tweeted as well as recorded. Tweets and the video is below. The topic was “The Building Blocks of Social Recruiting.” I answered several related questions and the audience chimed in with their opinion as well.

These were the questions posed:

Q1. Why does social recruiting matter?
Q2. What questions should you ask to create a social recruiting strategy?
Q3. Which websites do you check when researching candidates to learn more about them?
Q4. How do you think ATS systems will integrate with social channels in the future?
Q5. How can you search proactively for candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you?
Q6. How can recruiters use crowdsourcing and social collaboration for recruiting?
Q7. How can an organization’s current employee base be leveraged for social recruiting?
Q8. What free tools are available for social recruiting?

I had a bit of technical difficulty on my end, but soldiered on. I think it turned out well enough. Check it out and let me know your thoughts?

This is the video:

And these are the tweets:

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