How to Expand Your Reach in a Global Environment of Talent Diversity

How To Expand Your reach in a Global environment of Talent Diversity

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WHAT: How to Expand Your Reach in a Global Environment of Talent Diversity
WHEN: Wednesday, November 18th at 10AM (PST)

Today, there is a large and untapped pool of talent. This talent source is beginning to gain recognition for high performance in some of today’s most in-demand skills.

A select few organizations are positioning their HR operations to meet the opportunity and bring this talent pool into the fold. But, how are they meeting this challenge?

In a global market of scarcity in critical skills, an emerging workforce that thinks differently, recognizes patterns more easily and who consistently adheres to processes may be the game-changers that give businesses a distinct advantage.

Join Recruiting and Sourcing expert Jim Stroud as he explores new opportunities for expanding your reach in a global environment of talent diversity.

He will take you through the challenges, the demands, and the benefits of looking beyond traditional areas of gender, race, and cultural differences to reach out to a highly skilled and untapped portion of today’s talent landscape.

We will explore the history, the demand, and the success stories that are putting select few companies out in front of the pack. And we will give you the insight to start moving your talent perspective and address this new opportunity today.

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