The Freelance Economy is being powered by GigBid

The freelance economy is being powered by a powerful new app called – GigBid. Listen in as Jim Stroud interviews the founders of Gigbid about their app and how it can immediately put people to work.

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2 thoughts on “The Freelance Economy is being powered by GigBid”

  1. Great video guys. Well chosen. Its a shame about how money talks. I agree it does, but when I first started in recruitment (I admit it was a while ago!) I used to have the pitch all about how I have a job in which is closer to home, more fun more reliable etc. now its a simple, I can get you more money.

  2. Nice podcast. I’m the actual owner of not those guys but I do appreciate the link. We do not currently have an app for iOS or Android but we will eventually. I’ve personally spent many years developing this platform in my free time and I took a very unique approach to many aspects of the emerging “uber of services” industry that our competitors have not. Our #1 priority when developing the platform was search engine optimization & new customer acquisition for our users. This thing is essentially a automated marketing machine designed to create a steady flow of new users from search engines & social media. We analyzed the top performing competitors in our industry, revised, improved and implemented solutions 10x better. Our next priority was monetization. We didn’t want to make our users pay for leads, pay to bid or “pay to play” as some call it. We wanted to build something America loved. We’re only local service bidding community that is 100% risk free and cost $0 to use & acquire new jobs. At you only pay if you win and it’s a very small percentage. We’re nationwide & off to a great start. We anticipate more than 50,000 visitors per day to our site in the next 3 months all from organic searchers looking for the service you offer. The way we see it is everybody has a skill set or something they love to do so why not get paid to do it. You don’t have to be some big shot business owner to post your services with us. We love local pros and regular joes the same. So as we like to say… cut the bull and go to to get sh*t done.

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