Did you know that people are blogging on Facebook?


“Facebook Notes” is a blogging platform on Facebook that has garnered some but, not an overwhelming bit of attention. (I mean, did you know that Facebook had blogging platform? Exactly!) Well, according to a certain article, Facebook is determined to shine some light on Facebook Notes via a few upgrades. Here is a quote:

“With Medium attracting an increasing number of brands and high-profile users eager to communicate their messages, thoughts and opinions, it seems that Facebook, too, wants a piece of the pie, and is hoping that with a more attractive interface for Notes, brands as well as regular users will get blogging inside Facebook again, giving the site’s global community another reason to stay on the site for longer and engage ever more deeply with its offerings, several of which incorporate revenue-generating ads.”

(Read more here: Facebook updates Notes in move to get you blogging again)

Since all Facebook users have access to Facebook Notes, I looked mine up and was pleasantly surprised that I had posted some content on it last year. Hmm.. As I think about it now, methinks I meant to write about Facebook notes last year and never got around to it.

(See for yourself here)

One thing I can appreciate about Facebook Notes is that Google has been indexing their posts! Check out these searches:

# Google Search http://buff.ly/1TrxPCN
# Google Search http://buff.ly/1UtvJqH
# Google Search http://buff.ly/1TGLeJK

Of course, every blog post represents a lead of some sort, either: a) the person who wrote the post or, b) people who are commenting on the post. Since Facebook Notes is not as popular as other platforms on the web, chances are one could connect with passive candidates under the radar. Just a thought…

So, what do you think of this strategy? Leave a comment below. 🙂


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