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I was a guest on the AirSource Podcast! (Yay!)

I was a very happy guest of the AirSource podcast this month. Tune in to hear how it all went down. A description of the podcast and the podcast itself is below. Let me know what you think?

In March’s episode, we talked to Jeremy Roberts about February’s HireConf event and recruiting with robots. We also chatted to Jim Stroud about Jobs on Facebook.




Jeremy Roberts

Jim Stroud

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2 thoughts on “I was a guest on the AirSource Podcast! (Yay!)”

  1. Hi Jim,
    I heard you on the Podcast. Great info about Jobs on Facebook. And very timely. I was asked to look into it and incorporated some of your findings.
    Thanks again!
    Chris Foglio
    Talent Acquisition Partner (Sourcer at heart!)

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