Jim Stroud is speaking at the SourceCon 2017 Recruiting Conference

Jim Stroud is presenting at the 2017 Fall SourceCon Conference. The topic? Email strategies! Register at www.sourcecon.com


Email has been our consistent friend from the dawn of UseNet and Myspace to the age of virtual reality but, despite our long history with it, recruiters haven’t yet leveraged all of email’s value.

What to Expect:

Jim Stroud will detail the history of email, speculate on its evolution and share tips and strategies for making the most of a medium recruiters tend to take for granted.

Who should attend:

Any recruiter who uses email and wants to learn how to make it work harder.

• Practical tips for managing your email
• Building better email recruitment marketing campaigns
• New ways to use and think about the humble email

Get your tickets now at www.sourcecon.com


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