Who will disrupt Google in the near future?

Today, Google Jobs threatens to disrupt the job board industry but, who is in position to disrupt Google Jobs in the near-future? Jim Stroud and guest – James Ellis debate that and other topics. Tune in for all the fun.

00:40 – Please follow me online!
01:00 – That was my excuse for not podcasting in awhile
01:40 – You might know me by my podcast – The Talent Cast
04:45 – You’re working real hard for not a lot of impact
06:40 – Content marketing is all about communicating that idea
08:36 – I can send out a mass email that seems personalized to all of them
11:22 – I think Google has so much personal and social data on us that…
14:34 – You’re getting email from Monster.com which gives us a signal to…
16:50 – I looked at Facebook Jobs and thought, aww… that’s cute
19:19 – We complain about ATS but in the end, are they going anywhere?
22:00 – I’m thinking about Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM product
25:03 – Slack was about Alexa and getting people to communicate with each other
28:25 – Quick shout to my friends over at the Chad and Cheez podcast


James Ellis runs The Talent Cast podcast (found on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts) where he can be found doing deep dives on all things employer brand and recruitment marketing. James currently lives in Chicago, where he spends his time partnering with Fortune 1000 clients to develop recruitment marketing, digital and content strategies to find and attract the best talent. You can reach him via Twitter @TheWarForTalent or on LinkedIn.​

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One thought on “Who will disrupt Google in the near future?”

  1. I’ve been a fan of the Talent Cast for a while now, which as a fellow recruiter, I find fascinating.

    James’ point about Google’s depth of knowledge and what he describes as the AdWords effect is absolutely spot on.
    But in exactly the same way that Big G has to recognise good content in other markets, there will always be space for smaller operators and local recruiters.

    As James notes, even a future dominated by Google will leave gaps in the market.

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