Podcast with Jim Stroud

Chatting about chatbots with Wade and Wendy at #SourceCon

I had the distinct pleasure of chatting about chatbots with the crew from Wade and Wendy between sessions at the SourceCon 10th anniversary conference in Austin, TX. We discussed chatbots, AI, how recruiting and sourcing is morphing and oh, so much more! Tune in or suffer #FOMO.


Wade & Wendy is an AI-Powered Recruitment Conversation Platform. We deploy automated conversations across the recruiting process to increase engagement, optimize workflows and inform decisions. Wendy is an AI recruiting chatbot that joins teams to expand their recruiting bandwidth. Her current capabilities include personalized qualifying conversations, profile enrichment, and intelligent filtering. Wendy learns from each engagement, to expand her capabilities over time, becoming a more valuable member of the recruiting organization. Find out more at: http://www.wadeandwendy.ai


SourceCon is the place to learn about tools and strategies to make your sourcing faster, with better results. You’ll learn from experts who have been in the trenches and know how to find THAT candidate. Come prepared to join the conversation and practice, in real-time, the strategies and methodologies shared by our speakers to ensure immediate impact when you return to your office. Find out more at: http://www.sourcecon.com

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