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How To Hire an Impostor to Interview For You

Once upon a time, it was not so unusual to interview someone from India, hire them and then a completely different person shows up to work. I was surprised to learn this but, not my guest – AK Menon. We chatted about that trend and a few things going on now in India. Truly interesting chat, especially if you have an interest in H1-B visas. Tune in for all the fun.

In this podcast:

00:44 – I thought it was strange but he thought it was pretty common
02:47- I could hire someone to interview, posing as me
06:32 – The person we interviewed is not the person we hired?
10:00 – Once social media became popular, false profiles lessened
13:30 – I imagine Trump slowing down H1-B visas has a profound effect on India
16:48 – Are you forced to do business with other countries more than you normally would?
19:49 – They realize that what brought them here will not get them to the next level
22:00 – So much opportunities for entrepreneurs; not just in


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