Buy my books at 50% off until November 1, 2017

My publisher, Createspace, is changing its pricing and distribution policies. As of November 1st, I will no longer be allowed to give discounts via their eStore. So, what does this mean to you?

From now, until November 1, 2017, all of my books can be purchased at 50% discount (if you use the discount codes I provide). After November 1st, they will remain full price and available via Amazon. I have been told that my books are a great resource for teams of sourcers, recruiters and HR professionals involved with workforce planning. If you ever had an interest in purchasing some of my work, now would be an optimum time.


  • Resume Forensics – Sourcing training manual for finding free resumes and passive candidates on Google.  For 50% off, use discount code: SL6J8AD3 
  • Content is the New Sourcing – Strategies for attracting passive candidates.   For 50% off, use discount code: SKUZ9MR5
  • Retention is the New Recruiting – Case studies and strategies for retaining your workforce.   For 50% off, use discount code: TKZ697K3
  • Musings of Man and Machine – How robots and automation are affecting the world of work now and in the future. (I have presented variations of this material at conferences in Amsterdam, Singapore, Copenhagen and New Zealand)  For 50% off, use discount code: QVZ8LF8B


  • The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World: Job Search Strategies for Unemployed, Underemployed and Unhappily Employed People.  (Although written for job seekers, entrepreneurs and gig workers may find this information useful as well.) For 50% off, use discount code: VEKR9E5X

Please note, when ordering books via CreateSpace, you can only use one discount code per sale. As a result, to get each book at 50% off, you will have to order each book separately and not as a collection. Also, the discount codes can only be used on the CreateSpace website and not on Amazon. 

I will not have a sale like this again. As I said, it is an unusual circumstance that I hope you and/or your organization will take advantage of before November 1, 2017.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support!


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