This is Why You Hire Mature Workers

With all the talk of talent scarcity, there seems to be one demographic that is overlooked – mature workers. In this episode, Jim Stroud discusses the pros and cons of hiring older workers with Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of Hire Maturity LLC. Tune in for a fascinating debate!


Peter Gudmundsson
Hire Maturity LLC
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An experienced leader for intellectual property, education, human capital and media businesses. Offers a deal orientation with solid knowledge of private equity, venture capital, start-up and turnaround management perspectives. A strong passion for mentoring and developing people.

Seeking broad opportunities in general management leadership with a special interest in education, elearning, human capital and other forms of emerging media.

Specialties: General management, deal orientation, investor relations, board management, media, turnaround management, M&A, post-merger integration, ecommerce, web publishing, private equity, direct selling, direct marketing.

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One thought on “This is Why You Hire Mature Workers”

  1. Peter builds a solid case for mature workers. I think what a lot of employers fail to realise in the current climate is that very few jobs are for life any more.

    Many of the clients we work with accept that staff may only be on place for a couple of years before moving on.

    Once you consider that, employing a person in their fifties doesn’t have to feel like just a stop-gap. Coupled with the experience many mature workers bring to a position – and the influence they can have on those around them – hiring them actually begins to make a lot of success.

    As recruiters, it can feel awkward sending a candidate for interview with managers who may be decades younger, but as the employment environment shifts, many of our clients are actively seeking out new staff with valuable life experiences.

    At the end of the day, work is work and older people often bring skills built up over many years that are easily transferable.

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