WEBINAR: Headline Recruiting-How to Source Passive Candidates from the News

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EVENT: HEADLINE RECRUITING: How to Source Passive Candidates from the News
DATE: Dec 19, 2018
TIME: 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


DESCRIPTION: When it comes to finding great talent, the secret Intel you need might be hiding right out in the open: just check the news! The digital world of the news runs deep. From corporate mergers, moves, and layoffs to weddings, moves, and promotions—it’s all there! In this presentation, Jim Stroud will show you how to dig deep for the news that can lead to that next great hire. Learn where to look, how to make sense of the overwhelming volume of information and how to engage talent with a proven process that works. Walk away with sourcing tips and email resources that you can immediately apply to your sourcing and recruitment efforts. This is an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about the deep talent resource that’s at your fingertips every day. – REGISTER NOW

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