PODCAST: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Expert in AIQuite recently, I had the very good fortune of connecting with Swathi Young on LinkedIn the other day. She is the founder of TechNotch solutions, a technology strategy and management consulting company in Washington, DC. Swathi Young helps companies leverage the power of machine learning to solve business problems; for example, fraud detection and customer service intelligent agents. And to her credit, she is quite the expert on AI and a number of emerging technologies.

On the podcast we discussed the part ethics plays in artificial intelligence; especially in relation to autonomous vehicles and facial recognition. With the possibility of bias in AI, how can we safeguard the public from the potential harm of predictive policing? How can job seekers complain about algorithmic discrimination when they are unaware it even exists? And just what is “Explainable AI?” Should companies be for or against it?

Tune in for an interesting and very thought provoking episode of The Jim Stroud Podcast! Thanks, in part, to our sponsor – NordVPN.

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Expert in AI

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