Its All Recruiting w/ Jim Stroud and Julia Gometz of Brandful

In this episode of the “Its All Recruiting Podcast,” I had a delightful experience with Julia Gometz of Brandful Code as we discussed so many things, among them:

  • Foodies and the concept of “impossible meat”
  • Tracking employer brand sentiment when the company is having a bad news day.
  • How recruiters can use Persona Style Marketing to inform their recruitment strategies
  • Brandful Code’s upcoming whitepaper comparing diverse and non-diverse companies.
  • Clean bathrooms as a retention strategy
  • Monitoring employee sentiment like a stock ticker then, posting that data on the company career website.

And other things, I don’t immediately recall. Tune in to find out what those were!


Julia Gometz is an entrepreneur-intrapreneur, strategist, former HR business executive, thought leader and author. She is currently launching a data company called Brandful Code to provide real-time and actionable data for cutting-edge companies. Her 2013 book, The Brandful Workforce: How Employees Can Make, Not Break Your Brand, advises organizations on how to build a workforce that can work “for” the brand, rather than “against” it. The goal of all of her work is to help make every company brandful and improve the lives of employees, consumers and employers. | Contact Julia Gometz on LinkedIn and Instagram @bebrandful


Brandful Code closes the gap on the most difficult to access data that has the most impact on a company’s brand as seen by employees and customers. Through Natural language processing and advanced analytics, Brandful Code has cracked the code on how brands can elevate in the future, starting now. This startup provides a powerful data platform (five years in the making) aimed at impactful organizational change, eliminating cumbersome processes and putting resources to immediate use where they matter most. Learn more at and check out the book, The Brandful Workforce: How Employees Can Make, Not Break Your Brand.

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