Government Fibs, No Need For H-1Bs and Recession Proof Jobs

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

[Original air date: 05.28.08] Jim is sleepy, but Karen is hyper as she rants about Government Fibs on the Labor Market. Guess where all the Recruiter jobs are? (At least those that are not in the USA) As much as you possibly can, spread the love to China (via the Red Cross). Why is Microsoft (and other big name brands) lobbying for more H-1Bs when there are so many Americans out of work? (What a debate that is.) And last (but certainly not least), 25 recession proof jobs. Tune in for all of the above and more in the latest edition of The Recruiters Lounge Podcast. Oh! Did I mention that Jim and Karen bicker like little children throughout this podcast, but make up in the end?

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