I Invented Outsourcing! And other strange tales…

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Below is the original description from an episode of “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” as it appeared on October 24, 2007.

I invented Outsourcing! And other strange tales…
Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss plagiarism, IBM’s attempt to patent outsourcing, Google (allegedly) giving an old guy the boot and sleazy recruiter tactics.

00:31 – This episode brought to you by Affinity Circles
01:16 – Karen is back in the lounge
02:39 – IBM tried to patent “Outsourcing” (snicker-snicker)
04:08 – You can not patent the alphabet (either)
05:54 – (Batman’s enemy) “The Joker” was trying to patent fish
09:03 – Dr. Evil’s father invented the question mark
10:10 – How does one plagiarize training material?
11:05 – You can copyright how a fish is prepared (recipe), but not the fish itself
11:36 – I see no comparison, its generic training
12:10 – How can someone own the training of recruitment processes?
13:17 – There was no definition of what was plagiarized or how it was plagiarized
15:58 – Google fired someone because he was too old?
17:01 – That can’t be right
18:58 – I wouldn’t want to go there
21:12 – Are you a fan of “The Office”
24:45 – If they had it back then, they would have used it back then
26:41 – They’re called helicopter parents because they hover around
30:24 – Let’s go from doom and gloom, to a little bit sleazy
31:52 – Who hates you? Nobody hates Karen Mattonen
32:20 – So, you’re telling me you had the cigarette, but you did not inhale?
35:17 – (The Recruiter) will then turn around and call your boss and say you were looking
37:44 – And the lawyer had some choice words for them I’m sure
38:27 – I’m quitting smoking (yeah, right)
39:52 – Questions or comment? Drop us an email…


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