Democrats, Recruiters and Pending Regulation

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

“Democrats, Recruiters and Pending Regulation”



Democrats are in power and recruiters should be concerned. Jim Stroud, Karen Mattonen and Doug Beabout discuss pending legislation and other issues affecting the recruiting industry.

0:32    A disco welcome for the new year
1:00    Check out my new site for the new year
1:21    And now a word from our sponsor  Barbara Ling
2:10    See for yourself –
3:07    Things have changed. Democrats are now in power.
3:35    Will Democrats force regulation on our industry? (Probably)
5:10    Recruiting is #1 growth industry in service
7:20    Sure its coming, but 270 votes are needed to pass it in Congress
9:20    A lot of recruiters just don’t know any better.
12:30    Companies know how to do it too, so what do they need us for?
15:32    Sure our clients can recruit people on their own, but that’s not a concern.
18:50    That person is a dynamic investment. They bring in more money than any machine
19:58    The best recruiting company is going to be in a niche
21:19    Somebody wants a passive candidate, but they don’t want to pick up the phone
22:10    We had a good thing going for a while there
23:12    To say you’re a sourcer… is a misnomer
25:20    These people have some of the most nefarious practices I have ever heard of
27:49    I bring the advantage of being the outside voice
28:46    Jim Stroud is a babyboomer? (Ummm… no)
29:11    Doug’s latest product for the “rookie recruiter” (6 hours on CD)
30:48    Contact Doug for more info (
31:20    Karen gives her personal testimony
32:00    Th-th-that’s all folks!

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