TRL: Having Fun with H1-B Visas

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

The original description from April 10, 2007 is listed below.

Jim Stroud and (the long-lost) Karen Mattonen discuss the changes happening at and H-1B visas. Has Karen found a loophole in the system?)

0:30 – A word from our sponsor – Bountyjobs
1:40 – And now a word from another sponsor – WorkGiant
3:40 – The long lost Karen Mattonen has returned
4:00 – I was in India training recruiters how to source
4:50 – International man of mystery
5:20 – Karen has been very busy and putting people on edge
6:05 – Karen is going solo?
7:20 – Okay, here’s twenty dollars
7:37 – John Sumser is the new sherriff at
8:17 – John’s website was (and always has been) required reading
8:45 – John Sumser is the reason Karen Mattonen does not blog today!
10:33 – Whatever John says (tends to) comes true?
10:55 – H-1B Visas all gone in a day
11:26 – Karen explains a loophole (?) cap exemptions
13:26 – New bill in the house regarding H-1B issues (and Karen says its so needed)
14:31 – Its a matter of national security
16:10 – Americans are pretending to be foreign nationals with H-1B visas, so they can work? (Wow!) Too funny…
17:48 – Aren’t companies supposed to hire Americans first anyway?
18:48 – Million-dollar payoff for a foreign national who was ripped off by a staffing agency?
20:30 – Feel the love
21:28 – Being aware of the law makes you a better recruiter
22:00 – Bye-bye

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