Monster, Recessions and Alcohol-free Interviews

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
Original air date: September 5, 2007
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Monster, Recessions and Alcohol-free Interviews
Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the hack attack at, the pending (?) recession and what it means for Recruiters and Alcohol-free Interviews!  

00:26 – This episode brought to you by WorkGiant
02:55 – Amybeth is a sweetheart
07:05 – Insourcing, many companies are comaing back home
10:10 – fouth straight weekly loss
13:28 – they don’t realize that sometimes a recession is a good thing to have
15:25 – its really a market readjustment back to normal levels
19:33 – that was kind of soft compared to the 1990′s
22:52 – the scariest thing about Greenspan is that he is not elected
26:54 – a quick break from our sponsor – BountyJobs
30:15 – Monster was hacked and it made the national news
33:00 – their PR group is sleeping at the wheel
37:39 – I have to hear and feel that Monster cares
42:10 – here is the ebig question, “Will Monster go away?”
45:11 – Who would buy Monster if Monster was on the block?
48:12 – They don’t want recruiters serving alcohol?
50:56 – some companies are not serving alcohol at Christmas parties
52:15 – See you at SourceCon!

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