Racial Politics In The Workplace

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Racial Politics In The Workplace

Why am I called African-American when I’ve never been to Africa in my life? Karen and Jim both want to know. Should companies be compelled to create prayer rooms for their employees? (Its almost happening in the UK.) And if I am checking my blackberry in the check out line, I should get paid for it. If you use a company phone to send text messages, does the employer have the right to read them? (The answer may surprise you.) All this, plus, a few shameless plugs for new websites! Tune in to another exciting episode of The Recruiters Lounge Podcast.

00:32 – And now, a word from our Sponsor
01:35 – Name that tune
03:31 – No matter where it happens, it might happen here eventually
04:50 – Still, never heard of them
09:08 – Its not a right for you to pray
13:55 – He loves to berate people who believe in God. Because he is an atheist
17:10 – A lot of rainbow kids in America, but yet there are high levels of (employment) discrimination
20:28 – If I say I am biracial, people say, “What, you’re not proud of being black?”
25:08 – America is the only country to classify people the way we do
27:22 – Those who are not apathetic to the process are vocal and it changes for them
33:08 – Should they say that they worked 2.3 minutes of overtime?
37:12 – Just because you put it in writing and sign off on it, does not make it so.
39:25 – Its my phone! Yes, but its not your messages.
43:20 – Its gotten more confusing because this happened just recently
44:12 – Go to www.twitter.com/jimstroud
44:20 – The other one is called Hirecentrix

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