The Pros and Cons of the Employee Free Choice Act

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And this is the original description from FEBRUARY 24, 2009

Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen lead a “heated” debate over the Employee Free Choice Act.  Listen in and find out that the more you learn about the EFCA, you either love it or you hate it. Listen in and see what side of the debate you are on. Special thanks to our guests Nancy Schiffer (Associate General Counsel, AFL-CIO)  and Steve Markin (former Union member with 20 years of legal experience). Oh yes! This one was a doozy.

In this episode:

(Timing is off due to updated edits)

00:32 – Remember that thing?
01:46 –
01:56 – Name that tune
04:33 – 60 million US Workers said they would join a union right now
05:11 – Mostly what I did was help workers go through the legal process
09:00 – Its been endorsed by Congress and the Supreme Court
10:27 – Will we have the right to a secret ballot?
12:34 – Most workers never go back to that workplace
15:47 – Right now, sure the employer is abusive becuase the system is designed…
20:16 – I don’t think you put all unions in a box as good, and all employers in a box as bad
22:20 – I don’t think we need a union because I am going to treat you fairly anyway.
24:54 – What they really wanted from this employer was cooperative relationship
28:16 – I want to hire more people, but if I am made to do this I will go out of business
31:10 – This is my salary. If you don’t pay me, someone else will
32:13 – If you don’t perform, you’re gone!
32:42 – They’re charged with keeping the best interest of the shareholders
35:07 – I think it denies the reality that both sides (employer and employee) can be abusive
36:58 – That’s why most of the time the Act fails workers
38:08 – The Act to me brings a balance to a very lopsided…
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