Recruiters and The Election

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original post date: November 9, 2006

And this is the original description:

Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the election, lying on a resume may get you 10 years in prison, plus feedback on some listener feedback.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Show my sponsor some love? – Work Giant (0:33)
  • Karen is back in the lounge – Yay. (1:33)
  • Gotta love FonPods! I do… (1:55)
  • A listener vents 0n the feedback line (3:00)
  • They say, family first? But you have to eat (6:00)
  • Jim sings again and then apologizes (7:00)
  • Daddy of the year? (8:15)
  • Hate your boss? Good! I call that job security (10:00)
  • The haunting of bad performance reviews (10:48)
  • Smokin’ the good stuff (11:33)
  • Quick sec’ on reference checks (11:58)
  • Looking for a contract recruiter? I know some bodies. (12:42)
  • Did you vote? (12:52)
  • Karen waves and salutes the flag (13:02)
  • Karen’s paranoid? Or simply stating a fact? (13:45)
  • I only guessed that it was Diebold (14:36)
  • So… how easy is it to hack a voting machine? (16:08)
  • The rant on the voting machines continues (17:32)
  • Why is there controversy over this? All you have to do is… (17:56)
  • Now let’s relate this (somehow) to recruiting (19:36)
  • Do it like Digg! Or rather, like (20:00)
  • Karen thinks it makes too much sense for companies to adopt (22:00)
  • Karen really liked my idea because of the community aspect. (23:33)
  • If I patent this idea, I would rip-off (a piece) from Market 10 (24:56)
  • Do recruiters really do this? Oh, noooo… of course not. (25: 40)
  • Nice topic, but let’s table that for now (27:00)
  • Karen hates the metric system (27:40)
  • The police chief is doing a great job, but he lied on his resume (28:33)
  • The debate ensues (30:00)
  • RULES!! (30:33)
  • How many lies did Cheif McGuire have on his resume? (31:32)
  • In some states, lying on a resume is against the law. (32:28)
  • Recruiters could be held liable for this… (33:00)
  • Wow! Let me say that again!!! (33:18)
  • In California, its a misdemeanor to lie on a job description (34:05)(opens in a new tab)
  • So, this guy could face 10 years in prison?!!! (Over a resume?!) (35:50)
  • But people love that guy! (36:40)
  • Maybe HR is to blame (37:50)
  • I say Hail to the Cheif (38:57)
  • If he had not lied on his resume, would they have turned him a way? (39:50)
  • And that’s a wrap (45:05)

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