Voting is broken. This will fix it!

Are you frustrated about the Presidential election? Me too. Despite all the drama, I think there is an opportunity to prevent a repeat of voter fraud and/or suspected voter fraud. I talk about it in this podcast episode. Tune in to hear my ideas. And please share my podcast and subscribe to my blog now. Thank you in advance.

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It is 3 days after the 2020 Presidential Election and that is simply unacceptable to me. With all of our technology and workforce available, there is really no reason why this should be the case. The skeptical side of me leans towards the notion that the complications in counting the votes is rooted in some nefarious intent. Whereas the more optimistic side of me suggests that I should not underestimate the potential of human incompetence. Either way, I see a simple solution for all of this. I am presenting them here with the hope that future elections do not suffer the foibles of this one. 

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We have an absentee voting system in place. This process was in place prior to 1992 and I believe it would still work if removed. I think when you have more ways to vote then, you have more ways to commit fraud and that applies to all parties. If you are concerned about Covid, plan on traveling or have moved away, voting absentee is simple and fair.

Mail-in ballots are a vehicle for cheating and error. Although you can only legally vote one time, receiving multiple mail-in ballots may encourage  overzealous supporters to vote more than once. Maybe this was by design, maybe not. Either way, I think it should be abolished. 


When the topic of Voter ID is brought up, some will immediately cry out that making ID mandatory to vote disenfranchises segment of our society. I never understood that logic when ID is required for so many other things (i.e. Opening a bank account, renting a car, buying alcohol, applying for welfare or food stamps) and people remain silent. Plus, it is insulting to believe that minorities (i.e. African Americans) can get a Drivers License but are somehow incapable of securing a Voter ID card. I think the video below best illustrates my point. 


While I understand and am sympathetic to all the extra votes that have come in this year, why do we not have people working in shifts? If hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, et cetera can work 24 hours why can we not handle an election that way? Why is this so difficult when a Presidential Election happens every 4 years?!! It just seems so ludicrous to me. 


Bank records have been online for decades. Congressional voting records have been online for decades as well. Why not have a system in place that operates like this?

  1. People vote in person or via absentee ballot, as per normal.
  2. The voter is given a receipt as proof of their vote.
  3. That vote is logged into an online system that the voter can access and verify that their vote is accurately counted.
  4. On the day of the election, the results are announced and voters can check to see if their vote if their vote was changed.
  5. If there is suspected fraud, voters can bring their vote receipts and have those counted again in-person by scanning their receipts at a polling station. They can also do this randomly for so many weeks after the election to insure system integrity. 
  6. After the election has been settled, the voter information is purged for the sake of privacy. (However, voters can still keep their voting receipts as a secondary precaution.)


The FBI has a famous “most wanted” list available online and in post offices around the country. I propose something similar for those convicted of election meddling and that they be displayed no less than 90 days prior to elections of any kind but especially prior to a Presidential election. To start this effort off, I would nominate for the “Election Meddling List” any and all responsible for the alleged crimes highlighted in these articles. 

I would very much like to see this done and I solicit the assistance of any and all likeminded individuals. I do not think that this is the conclusion of the matter. Are there any other means to protect our voting system I have missed? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!


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