Do I have to be vaccinated to work here?

According to the CNBC, the United States reported more than 195,500 new cases of the coronavirus on Friday, a record-high spike less than a week before Thanksgiving, which public health officials are warning could further exacerbate the outbreak. Health warnings are being circulated on TV, radio and the internet. Eventually Thanksgiving, Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa and all other December holidays will be over. 2021 will emerge and with it, a return to the office. At least, some people think so and have made huge investments in returning to the office. They have also created some severe penalties. What do I mean by that?

Its quite possible that unless you are vaccinated against Covid-19  you will be prohibited from working, traveling and interacting with society. Sound crazy? Its entirely possible based on what’s already happening in Australia. (No jab. No job.) Tune into a very controversial episode.  Click here for links related to this podcast.

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