Podcast – Its Culture Not Color That Holds Us Back

I read an article in USA Today entitled,  “What is systemic racism? Here’s what it means and how you can help dismantle it.” When I read it, a healthy skepticism triggered within me. There was a big emphasis on how systemic racism made it difficult for African Americans to succeed.  Yet,  I could name many successful African American celebrities, athletes, business people and politicians.  And that lead me to consider other questions. 

  • If systemic racism is such a problem today, why are so many minority groups doing better than whites economically
  • In the past, systemic racism was much more pronounced than it is today. That being the case, it would be impossible for African Americans to become millionaires after the Civil War and yet, there were several. Why? 
  • And if systemic racism is not the blame or at least, not the biggest impediment to African American progress, what is?

I mull over all these things in this episode of my podcast which is a condensed version of an article I posted on my blog earlier this year – “Its Color Not Culture That Holds Us Back.” And last but not least, all tips are appreciated. Feel free to Cash App me anytime. ($jimstroud1) 

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