It is not the same because your politics are different than mine.

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It is not the same because your politics are different than mine. 

Last year, there was a protest every other week, CHAZ/CHOP camps and police stations on fire. Yet, the media defended looting and rioting as justifiable. Not that storming the Capital was any better but it was not worse, and not the first time it was taken over. Looking at some of the reactions in social media, I can understand some of the outrage. Case in point.

The Shot heard around the world

If you want to know what our world neighbors are saying about us, click here. Spoiler alert. Its not good. It is a lot to take into account and just because I know history rhymes, I can expect that more talking heads will complain about being labeled fake news and not being trustworthy. When that happens, I will likely think about how Cuomo said “we won” during the GA race and how that doesn’t scream objective journalism. 

I think I need some cuddle time. 

2020 was a big (insert expletive of your choice) and 2021 is threatening to be a fierce competitor. I can imagine the collective public wanting to wrap themselves in a blanket with their significant other for a bit of cuddle time. If that sounds good to you, be advised of the new safety rules concerning love. The BBC recently published an article advising people to avoid kissing and wear face masks during sex to help prevent spreading the virus. Not a joke. Oh, choosing positions that are not face to face would be advisable as well. 


Okay, we’ve all done it. You want to be cool or accepted so, you embellish a bit about your past. It only gets awkward when someone calls you on it. Case in point, somebody brought this article to my attention, “She’s Nothing Like Him’: MLK Jr.’s Niece Shreds Kamala Harris for Apparently Plagiarizing Uncle.” Not sure what the motivation was in sending it to me. I thought it was share-worthy all the same. 

We may have to rethink climate change

I am NOT the expert on all this climate change stuff. Yet, I can appreciate contrary opinions that fly in the face of conventional wisdom. It turns out that most of the Alps were ice-free 6000 years ago, glaciologists have discovered. Click here to watch the video if you are big into the environmental sciences and understand German. At least, I think its German. Maybe its Dutch?

Money for nothing and the chicks for free

The coronavirus taught a whole generation of people how to be heroes by staying home and doing nothing. Now, you can make money from it. Bloomberg reported that “At least 11 U.S. cities are piloting UBI (Universal Basic Income) programs to give some of their residents direct cash payments, no strings attached.” For the record, I think this is a bad idea. I’ve always thought it was a bad idea. Here’s proof

And umm… just how old are you Nana?

Helen Viola Jackson’s 1936 marriage to James Bolin was unusual to say the least: He was 93 and in declining health, and she was a 17-year-old schoolgirl. Bolin was also a Civil War veteran who fought for the Union in the border state of Missouri. Jackson was almost certainly the last remaining widow of a Civil War soldier when she died Dec. 16 at a nursing home in Marshfield, Missouri. She was 101. Click here for the full story

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