No hearings. No witnesses. No problem.


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No hearings. No witnesses. No problem.

If you think about it, Congress impeached a President faster than Amazon could deliver a package (7 hours, give or take). This is truly remarkable because they did it on mob rule and mutual hatred that crossed the aisle. However, there is a problem. How can you impeach someone based on inciting insurrection when, evidence appears to the contrary? In a nutshell, the FBI warned of potential violence at the Capitol but for whatever reason, no one acted on that intelligence.

CNN reported on this.

NBC reported on this.

ABC reported on this.

Washington Post reported on this.

TMZ reported on the FBI zeroing on 10-15 Capitol Police who cleared a path for the rioters to enter the Capitol. And a whole lot more arrests are pending. And some Capitol Police said they wouldn’t be surprised if Congress members helped plan the attack.

So if multiple sources (and mainstream media sources at that) are reporting that the riots were pre-planned and not a spontaneous reaction to President Trump’s remarks, wouldn’t that mean they just ILLEGALLY impeached a President without a full investigation?

Legal processes and procedures are there for a reason and this could come back to haunt the left in a big way. If it happened to Trump then, why wouldn’t it possibly happen to Biden? Just sayin’…

Its good to be Gab

If you are not familiar with the social network Gab, check them out. Like (the temporarily down social network) Parler, its a proponent of free speech and patriotism abounds. Without a doubt, it is already a target of the left. The attacks against the platform will only have the unintended effect of causing them to grow. (They call that the Streisand effect.) Below is a comment from Gab CEO – Andrew Torba.

Did you know that the ADL called for a criminal investigation against Gab? To quote…

The January 6 attack at our nation’s Capitol was deliberate and coordinated. Individuals who broke the law must be held accountable, but we cannot ignore that social media platforms, like Gab, may well bear a measure of criminal responsibility for the attack as well. To the extent Gab intentionally served as a forum for people to plan, coordinate, engage in or otherwise facilitate the criminal activity that took place on January 6, a Department of Justice investigation is warranted.

By that measuring stick, Facebook should be investigated because not only are they a haven, their tools aid in recruiting members to those groups. And add Twitter to the list of social media companies that should be investigated and YouTube. But this is not a new problem, there have been academic studies on this kind of thing for years. I digress. Back to Gab.

When it comes to free speech in social media, Gab is the new sheriff in town and they wear the badge proudly. When not mixing it up with tech tyrants and the radical left, Gab is launching new products like Gab TV (a YouTube alternative) and a Gab phone.

If the 75+ million Trump voters flock to Gab and their ecosystem, the left loses a significant amount of influence and… money. Does this mean that the era of big tech companies is over? Not yet, but its coming.

Umm… Is there something you guys aren’t telling us?

So, this tweet was retweeted by the FCC yesterday.

Maybe its the tinfoil in my hat speaking but, what harm is it to store up a couple weeks worth of supplies. Umm… Just in case.

Unfortunately, I could do this all day.

Censorship? What censorship? Its all right-wing propaganda. Or, is it?

The Truth is In Here

Okay, this article on Mental Floss caused both of my eyebrows to bounce in disbelief. I quote…

As SYFY WIRE reports, an online database called The Black Vault recently posted the CIA’s entire collection of UFO documents online—free to download by anyone with an internet connection and a passion for unsolved alien mysteries. Though the CIA has been declassifying content piecemeal since the 1980s, it hasn’t always been so easy to access. 

Does anybody else hear the theme to the X-Files playing in their mind right now?

DNA as data storage

Visualize, if you will, a group of bacteria cells. They are kind of silly looking, when you get right down to it: shaped like a sphere or a pill, sometimes covered in tiny hairs or spikes. While technically alive, it is hard to imagine them as being particularly intelligent, much less capable of storing information like artificially intelligent machines such as computers. Curiously, that’s exactly what a group of researchers just did: edited DNA inside individual bacteria cells in order to store digital data. Read the details here.

Wow. I wonder if this technology could be used in vaccines and rewrite your DNA in some way. Nah, I’m talking crazy.

Millennials are too young to know this

Any person who simply walked the halls of the US Capitol Building during last week’s protest is being labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the American establishment. However, in 1983, a pair of left-wing terrorists detonated a bomb in the U.S. Capitol Building only for the two criminals to be pardoned on behalf of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and then-President Bill Clinton.

So, why is that relevant today? (Beyond comparing it to recent Capitol riots, I mean.)

Susan Rosenberg sat on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, an organization which handles fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

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