The Unpredictable But Inevitable Return of Donald Trump

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The Unpredictable But Inevitable Return of Donald Trump

In an earlier piece, I talked about buyers remorse and how some people are already regretting supporting Joe Biden for President. If you are a woke progressive, likely you are smiling wide at all the coming changes. Everyone else, not so much.

ZeroHedge listed 6 Warning Signs From Biden’s First Week in Office that is worth a read. Here are the 6 in a nutshell.

  1. Biden’s “Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel” paves the way for Vaccination Passports. (Click here to see my thoughts on that.)
  2. Despite having the “most diverse” cabinet in history, there is no diversity of thought and the decades-old policies of US Imperialism will likely continue.
  3. Trump pledged to pull American troops out of Iraq. It looks like Biden is reversing course.
  4. Trump signed a deal with the Taliban that all US personnel would leave by May 2021 and Biden appears to be reversing that as well.
  5. As for Syria, refer to points 3 & 4.
  6. Trump Supporters are domestic terrorists akin to Isis and should be treated as such.

I find point #6 especially disturbing. As I have noted in one of my podcasts, dangerous precedents are being set and the media is only fanning the flames of a fire that could destroy my nation. This quote from a NY Post article should shivers down the spines of the 70+ million people who voted for Trump and openly supported him.

During the 2020 riots sparked by the police-custody death of George Floyd, journalist ANDY NGO embedded with Antifa groups on the West Coast and witnessed first-hand how left-wing protestors can spread their own brand of violence. In an excerpt from his new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” (Center Street), out Tuesday, he details the murder of a Trump supporter at the hands of an Antifa radical, who was instantly hailed as a hero for his crime, and later a martyr . . . 

Should such opinions continue to trend that Trump supporters are worthy of death, there are many Americans who stand at the ready to defend themselves; all thanks to their constitutional rights. However, that too is in jeopardy. A recent US Supreme Court case in Rhode Island has raised a lot of eyebrows. World News Daily reports:

In an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, a civil-liberties legal group contends lower-court rulings in a Rhode Island case have set a dangerous precedent that allows police officers in some instances to enter the homes of citizens without a warrant and confiscate legal firearms.

The Rutherford Institute, in a friend-of-the-court brief in the case of Caniglia v. Strom, asserts the lower courts wrongly invoked the “community caretaking” exemption in the Fourth Amendment.

“This case represents a blatant attempt by law enforcement to create gaping holes in the Fourth Amendment force field that is supposed to protect homeowners and their homes against warrantless invasions by the government,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute.

Threats to repeal civil liberties and progressive measures to keep us in unending wars is more than enough for Trump supporters to call foul and push back any way they can. I am careful to say Trump supporters and not Republicans because while Trump was the most popular Republican president in history, he had plenty of enemies within his own party. Despite that and regardless of him being out of office, Trump’s popularity is so strong that it strikes fear into the hearts of leftists who are concerned that he may return to power in the future. That concern is well founded as many Trump supporters do not see Republicans vs Democrats. They see Trump vs The World. MSNBC reporting that very thing in the Tweet below. (And that’s just one example. There are others.)

So, is a Trump comeback possible? Yes, very much so. Peter Navarro, a former top White House adviser, predicted that Donald Trump will be elected in “a landslide” during the next presidential election. Navarro, who advised Trump on trade and manufacturing, made his prediction about 2024 during a Saturday interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. The former White House official made the remark as he criticized President Joe Biden for issuing a slew of executive orders during his first weeks in office. (HT/Newsweek) Hear it for yourself in the tweet below.

Rumor has it that President Trump is weighing two questions heavily in regard to his political future. According to Newsweek, “…how to contest the forthcoming Senate trial and how to maintain his political relevance over the next four years.” Here are 3 quotes and insights from that article.

Trump could use a Senate impeachment to put election fraud on trial.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former chief White House political strategist Steve Bannon, and a handful of others are pushing him not just to defend against the charge that he incited the January 6th Capitol insurrection, but to use the Senate trial as an opportunity to re-litigate his claims of election fraud in key swing states. “Show everyone the receipts,” is how Bannon puts it, referring to evidence of fraud that the Trump team claims to have.

Trump could run again in 2024.

Those pushing him to run again for president say the idea that his “brand” has been hurt is nonsense. They point to a recent NBC News poll showing that 87 percent of GOP voters still support him, even after January 6. ”If he’s so damaged, why are the Democrats so worried about his running [in 2024] that they need to impeach him again,” Giuliani asked on his podcast recently. (A conviction in the Senate would preclude Trump from seeking public office again.)

Trump could be a king maker.

One option that the former president is said to be mulling, according to two of his friends, is to bestow the mantle of ”Trumpism” on someone else. ”Should he not run, could I see him giving his full backing to a Trump-like successor,” says one of the friends. “Sure.”

Trump said in his goodbye speech that he would return in some form. What did he mean by that? Many have speculated. I am am not a gambling man but if I was, my bet would be that he would run for Presidential office again. After being stabbed in the back by so many “friends,” I doubt that he would give his influence to someone that might turn against his policies under pressure from special interest groups. I also think that whomever he picks as his running mate (Ron Desantis?) would be the next king or queen to follow him. But that’s just me. What do you think?

Thanks for reading this far. More commentary tomorrow.

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