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  • H.R. 127 requires you to have a psych evaluation before you can own a gun. Its one of those things that sounds good but is really an attack on the bill of rights. The psyche eval is just the start. Pro-2nd amendment groups call it “insanity on steroids.” Umm… read it for yourself.
  • Back by popular demand – The Ministry of Truth. Sorry, I meant “Reality Czar.”
  • Let this one sink in: More Americans have been vaccinated for COVID-19, as of Monday, than have been infected with the illness as the nationwide inoculation rollout continues, according to a report. (Its all perfectly normal.)

And one more thing, before I go…

Check out this popular rant by Tony Robbins before its banned by Twitter. In it he quotes data from the CDC that has been removed from the web. However, you can still access it here.

Here’s another tweet pointing out the data Robbin pointed to in his rant.

Thanks for reading this far. More news and commentary tomorrow.

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