Is the KKK now accepting Black members?


If this post has a theme, its irony. Literally, as I was reading through my daily 50+ news sites and sources, I kept repeating to myself, “Oh, the irony.” As such, I decided to give this update that title. As you read through them, see if you agree with me.

February is Black History Month

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Oh, the irony…

When I saw this photo I thought to myself, gee, he doesn’t look like the typical Ku Klux Klansman. Yet, some people tend to think he is one.

More on that later. For now…

No, #Newsmaxit is not the next #Foxit

Yesterday, I mentioned how Newsmax gave Mike Lindell – the pillow guy, a big dis on live TV. Well, the viewers of Newsmax did not appreciate one of their favorite patriots being pimp slapped (so to speak) and they made their dissatisfaction known. After feeling the burn (not the Bernie Sanders kind) Newsmax did a complete about face. “Oh no, that’s not what we meant to do!” (I paraphrase.) As a result, its back to nothing but love for Lindell on Newsmax. I’m glad the execs at Newsmax listened to the viewers and did not bow (further) to outside pressure. If they are going to stand a chance to dethrone King Fox, they cannot afford to alienate their base supporters.

Competition is good. Stay thirsty Newsmax.

Let’s call it CageGate

Check out this quote from RedState. Oh, the irony…

Yesterday, Redstate’s Nick Arama wrote on Joe Biden re-opening a facility to house the children of illegal immigrants and other unaccompanied minors that make it across the border. This was in stark contrast to previous pronouncements that he was going to shutter them and release everyone.

And while it may be a good thing that Biden isn’t going completely insane on immigration just yet (though he’s canceled the wall and other enforcement measures), the hypocrisy we are now seeing in response to this is just too much to ignore.

Remember when “kids in cages” was a rallying cry of the left and their mainstream media allies? Yeah, that’s quickly shifted to a much more realistic view of the world. What a coincidence, right?

Umm… I’m not going to comment further on this one. I’ll just leave this tweet here.

Hey, you can’t say that! Only I can.

The daily dot’s article on Maxine Waters went viral and caused a collective Home Simpson “D’oh!” as it echoed online across all of conservative media. Here’s a quote and the tweet in question.

A Twitter user is trolling prominent Democrats by repurposing a controversial quote made several years ago by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

In 2018, Waters urged a group of supporters to confront members of then-President Donald Trump’s administration in remarks that conservatives argued were a call to violence.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them!” Waters said. “And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere.”

Now, a Twitter account opposed to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has rehashed the quote in an apparent effort to gauge the reaction of Democrats.

This is the rehashed tweet that caused a furor.

Comments denouncing the tweet, most notably from Democrat politicians and supporters, ranged from “this is encouraging violence against pubic officials” to “We will not tolerate threats against public officials by radical extremists in this city or state.” Oh, the irony. Click here to read more moral outrage from the left.

On IG: My life was in danger! IRL: Not so much.

The Post Millennial reported this one.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has spoken at length about her experience during the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6. From her live Instagram videos, it has seemed like she was on the front line, facing down Trump supporting rioters in the halls outside her office. But it turns out, Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t in the Capitol at the time of the assault on Congress, she was in her office another building entirely.

This tweet from Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) dropped the mic after tweeting this.


Joe Biden may be the best gun salesman on the planet.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The FBI and the firearms industry reported Tuesday that sales and gun background checks smashed through past records as people grew increasingly worried that the new Biden administration will impose gun controls.

When adjusted just for gun sale background checks, the National Shooting Sports Foundation said that the increase over January 2020 was 75.2%. While not an exact count, the numbers generally track sales.

FBI records showed 4,317,804 background check applications, a 60% increase over January 2020. That also includes checks for concealed carry permits and other gun issues.

The more you try to take something away from people, the more they want it. Is it too late to buy stock in Smith and Wesson? They might be the biggest stock surge since Gamestop.

Hazard pay = fewer jobs

Here’s another one from The Post Millennial. My heart breaks for the working man.

Kroger closed two California grocery stores after city officials passed a new ordinance to increase ‘hazard pay’ for employees by $4. The company announced that the two stores closing are a Ralph’s and Food 4 Less in Longbeach, CA. The mandatory pay increases were sudden and many businesses could not afford the increased wages for employees, especially businesses that are already struggling amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

If Kroger can’t keep up, what hopes do other small businesses in the area have? Its almost as if someone is trying to make the people rely solely on big corporations. Can the little guy catch a (insert expletive of your choice) break?!!!

KKK now accepting black members?

Big League politics dropped the ultimate irony to me today with this story. I quote:

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, a black Republican, is being compared to the Ku Klux Klan for opposing Marxist anti-white educational standards in the state legislature.

Robinson is the first black Lt. Gov. in North Carolina history, but that is not stopping the Left from comparing him to a Klansman. WRAL published the offensive and racist editorial cartoon…

And this is the cartoon in question. Apologies to all. It is offensive. I share it only to emphasize the point being made.


Okay, can’t get more ironic than that. Stopping now. See you tomorrow.

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