So, this is what China thinks of Black People? #racism

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So, this is what China thinks of Black People? #racism

Hmm… Its unfair to place this viewpoint on the whole of China, especially in light of the interracial marriages trending upward. (Some Chinese women are even paying African men to marry them.) Its more fair to say that this opinion of the Chinese Communist Party is deplorable. The Daily Beast reports… wow… they report this.

Despite its racist origins and painful history, blackface keeps showing up on TV in China.

On Thursday night local time, the opening performance of state-run broadcaster CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala featured Chinese men and women smeared in dark makeup, dressed in mismatched costumes meant to evoke “African tribal” attire. Ululations with a brisk drum beat were mixed into the program’s soundtrack.

The show has a history of controversy, and this isn’t the first time its performers have used blackface on stage. In 2018, for a skit that was meant to deliver a heartwarming message about friendly relations between China and African nations, a Chinese actress donned blackface makeup and strapped on an exaggerated prosthetic derriere to play the role of an African woman. She walked onto the stage carrying a fruit basket on her head and was accompanied by an actor—a Black man—wearing a monkey suit.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, her character extolled the virtues of China—and thus the Chinese Communist Party.

Okay, so… Wow. No words. Check out this TV screenshot from February 12, 2021.

Yeah, that’s racist.

Things I Observed from the 2nd Impeachment Trial and its Aftermath

  1. Bi-partisan efforts may be responsible for the Capital Siege: “Incitement” Timeline Debunked As Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-At-Arms Refused Security Measures
  2. If you defend Trump, you do so at your own risk: Lawyer says his home, family ‘under siege’ as retaliation for representing Trump in trial
  3. If you point the finger at Trump, you fear fingers pointing back at you: UPDATE: House Impeachment Managers FOLD – Back Off On Witnesses After Trump Legal Team Announces Pelosi Will Be Called In — Closing Arguments Begin!
  4. If you lose to Trump, you still blame Trump: After voting to acquit, McConnell condemns Donald Trump and calls him ‘practically and morally responsible’ for riot + MELTDOWN: Shaking, flailing Pelosi furiously slams ‘cowardly’ GOP senators
  5. If you lose to Trump, strategize new ways to get Trump: Never Ending Never Trumping: Following Trump’s Acquittal McConnell Suggests Criminal Prosecution As Private Citizen
  6. It is far easier to propose standards than live by them: Trump’s Rhetoric VS Democrats Rhetoric (No doubt the video below will be a Trump 2024 campaign video.)
  7. If you can change the rules to impeach Trump then, one day you may be impeached: Marco Rubio Asks If Hillary Clinton Can Be Impeached + Sen. Graham says Kamala Harris could be impeached if GOP takes over the House + Ted Cruz Says Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Could Be Impeached Next
  8. If you are disloyal to Trump, his supporters will make you pay: Republicans who voted to convict Trump face backlash at home
  9. And no matter what, the mainstream media will choose narrative over truth: Trump Attorney Rips CBS – Then Pulls Off Mic and Walks Away!

And just for kicks and giggles, I’ll just leave this here:

Critical Race Theory is a Cancer

Today’s active duty military is smaller and more racially and ethnically diverse than in previous generations. Despite that, “wokeness” is infiltrating the military whenever it can. Check out this quote from “America’s Navy.”

The pledge for a new United States Navy task force has some very progressive-sounding language in it that looks like it was written by a woke campus diversity officer. Task Force Navy One, which was “established to combat discrimination in the Navy,” requires members to “advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy.”

What is intersectionality?

Intersectionality is  is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege.

In other words, its a mean for dissecting how many ways you can be victimized because of your gender, race or sexual preference. For example, a black woman can be discriminated against because she is black and a woman. If you add to the mix that she is gay, then that’s three ways she could be a victim of discrimination, both real and imaginary. Now add to that her weight, or some disability and you have 5 more ways the black woman is being victimized by the man. (See? Racism is everywhere!)

So, while our military is focusing on identity politics, what is China up to? They are developing super soldier serums akin to the one developed fictitiously and injected into Steve Rogers. Check out the tweet below and shudder, as I did, that these people are dangerously serious about world domination.

‘Unconscious bias is complete crap’

Free speech is dying the world over. Agree or disagree, what’s wrong with expressing a contrarian opinion? If you do not bend the knee to PC culture, they will come for you. Case in point. Spiked reports:

KPMG’s UK chairman, Bill Michael, has lost his job for daring to question unconscious-bias training. In a Zoom meeting on Monday, Michael said ‘unconscious bias is complete crap’. He complained that ‘after every single unconscious-bias training [session] that’s ever been done, nothing’s ever improved’. He also accused staff of using Covid as an excuse to play ‘the role of the victim’, adding that they work in a ‘very lucky sector’. He said they should ‘take control’ of their lives rather than ‘sit there and moan’ about the pandemic.

Following complaints from staff, KPMG started an investigation into Michael’s comments. He initially stood aside from his role, pending the results of the investigation, but has now resigned, saying that his position is ‘untenable’. He has also apologised.

So ends his 30-year tenure at the company. But what Michael said was correct. Unconscious-bias training is complete crap. These training sessions treat an absurd ideological claim – that we are all secretly racist, without even realising it – as fact. They force people to admit to non-existent prejudices. They are not worth anyone’s time.

Anyone who has read my ebook on critical race theory knows how much I agree with his statement. The insanity has to stop. Its becoming a religion.

Did you know that 2 + 2 is RACIST?

Fox News reports that…

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages “ethnomathematics” and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer.

An ODE newsletter sent last week advertises a Feb. 21 “Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course,” which is designed for middle school teachers to make use of a toolkit for “dismantling racism in mathematics.” The event website identifies the event as a partnership between California’s San Mateo County Office of Education, The Education Trust-West and others. 

Part of the toolkit includes a list of ways “white supremacy culture” allegedly “infiltrates math classrooms.” Those include “the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer,” students being “required to ‘show their work,'” and other alleged manifestations.

“The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so,” the document for the “Equitable Math” toolkit reads. “Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.”

If you are a math teacher in public schools, get ready to hear this a lot.

Feeling frustrated by what I shared today. More rants tomorrow.

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