PODCAST – Should Executive Pay Be Regulated?

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
The Retro Lounge is the home of classic episodes of “The Recruiters Lounge” podcast that aired between 2005-2009. Tune in to hear how it was and how little has changed.

ORIGINAL AIR DATE – AUGUST 5, 2009 – In episode #129, Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the issue of Executive Pay. Should it be regulated? Jim says NO! Karen (of course) says Yes! An argument begins that lasts waaay longer than it should have, then Lance Haun of HRM Today adds his views and then things get really heated. Eventually, the conversation focuses on how Lance was able to get a new job in HR without a resume. How? Apparently, all he needed was his blog. Plus, the announcement of a very popular blog being auctioned on eBay. Can you guess which one? All this and more, in another action-packed episode of The Recruiters Lounge podcast.