I don’t get the outrage over Voter ID.

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I don’t get the outrage over Voter ID.




Bank account

Food Stamps



Social Security

Unemployment assistance


Rental property

Drive a car

Buy a car

Rent a car

Airplane seating


Gun purchase

Pet adoption

Child adoption

Hotel room

Hunting license

Fishing licence

Cell phone purchase

Pick up a prescription

To enter a strip club

Blood donations

Permit to hold a rally

Buy an “M” rated video game

Nail polish at CVS (I’m told.)

Certain cold medicines

What do they all have in common? At some point, you need a photo ID to attain them. No one has trouble getting photo ID in America and especially not minorities. Case in point, please (pretty please) watch this short video.

So, today the GA Senate passed voter ID for absentee voters and some people were outraged at a simple tactic to suppress election fraud (not minority voting.) These 2 tweets say a lot.

This one from Ian Cheong:

And this one from The Atlanta Voice:

CBS 46 reported on the issue. Democrats and Republicans saw the issue differently. Democrats saw HB351 as an attack against our very democracy.

“Let’s be clear and let’s be absolutely clear, Our democracy is under attack,” said Rep. Derrick Jackson, D-South Fulton. “House Bill 531 is a very egregious bill. In fact, I think 531, for those who say they are patriotic and they vote for 531, they are unpatriotic,’ Jackson told CBS46 at the early morning protest.

“HB531 is textbook voter suppression. This bill reduces, restricts, and limits every single aspect of our election- decreasing the time to apply for absentee ballots by 62%,” declared Rep. Jasmine Clark, D-Lilburn.

Republicans saw it as a common sense reform.

“I’d turn the TV and seen people lined up waiting to vote and this addresses that. It’s going to make it easier for people to get out and vote,” said a Republican lawmaker.

It would require a form of a state-issued ID or ID number to request an absentee ballot, and requires absentee ballot applications to be in by 11 days before the election, among a host of other changes and security restrictions.

House Republicans argue the bill which, has no Democratic support, will increase integrity, security, and trust in elections.

I would think election integrity to be a bi-partisan issue as so many people have lost faith in the process. Wouldn’t insuring such things bring about the unity both parties say they want? I think Voter ID makes sense and I support it. If anyone can think of other things requiring a photo ID please let me know. I will add it to my list.

I want to see more films like this.

I like documentaries that prove media bias. It gives credibility to my argument that you cannot fully trust mainstream news. Do your own research whenever possible and as often as possible. But, I digress. Here is a synopsis of an upcoming documentary – Rush to Judgment.

Rush to Judgment looks at an encounter at the Lincoln Memorial that became a viral video, bringing hate and death threats to students from Covington Catholic who came face-to-face with adult protesters. Filmmakers Steve Oldfield and Ryan Anderson spent a year working on the doc and uncovered several important aspects to the story that have never been revealed in the media. Rush to Judgment makes its world premiere at the Anthem Film Festival as part of the annual Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. [Click here to watch the trailer.]

Rush To Judgment Trailer from Steve Oldfield on Vimeo.

College Student Suspended for Saying: ‘A Man Is a Man, a Woman Is a Woman’

If this isn’t “1984,” what is? This outrage from Neon Nettle:

Stevens was placed on suspension from his field teaching programs after his peers uncovered videos of him discussing conservative dogma. The university claims that Stevens’ videos “call into question” his ability to “maintain a classroom environment protecting the mental and emotional well-being of all of [his] students.”Stevens was told by the school that he will remain suspended from participating in in-school field experiences and courses that have field experiences until he completes a “remediation plan.”

The remediation plan requires toning down his social media presence, deleting his Instagram videos, and attending school-sanctioned “training.”

Notice how his free speech is taken away; assuming he wants to keep his job?

Notice how his free expression is removed as his job asserts control over his personal social media?

Notice how thinking like a “conservative” is somehow hate speech?

I did. Did you?

Academia is not for free thought. Increasingly, its for indoctrination of leftism.

Here’s a very telling quote from the Wall Street Journal.

Fully 7 in 10 conservative American academics say they self-censor in their teaching, research or academic discussions. Conservative scholars shy away from asking questions that go against the progressive consensus out of fear for their careers. This chilly climate is picked up by conservative and centrist students, which in turn influences the pipeline of who continues on to graduate school and the professoriate.

I find that conservative master’s students in social sciences and humanities fields are significantly more likely than other master’s students to believe their beliefs don’t fit in academia. Conservatives who think their politics wouldn’t fit are significantly less likely than others to be interested in pursuing an academic career. This isn’t about money. Conservative master’s students are no more likely than progressive students to say that pay is a factor discouraging them from going into academia. In effect, there is a feedback loop: Low viewpoint diversity reproduces the hostile climate that sustains the progressive monoculture that has developed in many faculties over the past four decades.

The result of this hostile environment is conformity to a culture that is out of alignment with the nation’s. As in previous studies, I find a low level of political diversity, with only 5% of American scholars in the social sciences and humanities identifying as conservative. In the U.S. and Canada, academics on the left outnumber those on the right by a ratio of 14 to 1.

Says a lot about why some of our colleges are the way they are.

Do as I say, not as I do.

This has to be the epitome of hypocrisy. SMH.

Will he or won’t he?

I hoped to have an answer from President Trump on his future plans but, he left me in suspense. What a showman. The reality series of US politics continues.

Ewww… Creepy. Cringy. Cuomo.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has fallen from grace in the eyes of the media and with his allies in the Democrat party. I predict that he’s done. They might not get him on the nursing home deaths but the “me too movement” is on him with a vengeance. Case in point:

The soft bigotry of low expectations

What if someone told you, “I don’t think you are smart enough to compete with the other students here so, I am going to give you 250 points you did not earn. You know, to help you be less of a victim.” Isn’t this what Harvard is saying? I think it is. How insulting.


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