Did you know that 3-month old white babies are racist?

I wrote recently about my utter disdain for this new version of racism because it is rooted in politics and not morality. Case in point, today people are touting that Dr. Seuss was racist. However, yesterday several political leaders praised him. #Hypocrissy

Some people hold to the opinion that math is racist and recently shared their ludicrous reasons. Trump has done more for African Americans than the Democrat party? Yes, according to some, he has. And did you know that your 3-month old white baby is racist? If you think that is the most asinine assumption one could make then, you see critical race theory for what it really is. Racist lunacy. But, I digress.

That’s what I’m thinking in general. Below is the fine print.


Wait! What? I thought Dr. Seuss was racist?

If he is racist, why are these prominent liberal celebrities celebrating him?

Kamala Harris

President Barack Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama

If Dr. Seuss was not racist then, why is he considered racist now? What changed? The winds of Woke are ever changing.

High school student says she was lambasted in school-wide email after picking Candace Owens as Black History Month ‘trailblazer’

“I’d like to address some falsified information here … Candace Owens is not someone we should be recognizing today especially during Black History Month when she has done absolutely nothing for the black community. … [Owens] was called a racist because she was,” read the email obtained by the outlet. “Candace Owens openly tried to degrade the struggles of the black community by telling the general public that America is not a racist country and that everyone who believes that it is is trying to divide America.”

The email continued: “I feel as though not only was it disrespectful that you added her to the list of trailblazers, it’s offensive that you sat down, thought about it, researched her, and thought it was okay to do this.”

So, what’s the lesson here? I think its that black conservatives cannot be celebrated if their opinions are not deemed politically correct. Hmm… I suppose one could add me to the same list Candace Owens is on because on this point (America is not a racist country) we agree. I see culture, not color holding back my community. But, I digress.

3-month-old babies are racist, says Arizona Department of Education’s ‘equity’ toolkit

The toolkit advises parents to begin speaking to their children about race “even before their children can speak.” Hat Tip: The Post Millennial Critical Race Theory is evil. I cannot say it enough.

Read this tweet:

Top Biden adviser pushes free tuition to HBCUs as a means of reparations

Richmond, during an interview with Axios, said “we have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African Americans.”

“We have to do stuff now,” Richmond said.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden said he supported the creation of a commission to study proposals for reparations. 

“I think that [creation of a commission] will pass,” Richmond told Axios, adding that the timeline for the commission is not yet known. But he said, “If you start talking about free college tuition to [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way.”

Read more here.

Is she accusing them of racism? I think I hear sarcasm.

Read the tweet and the thread of replies here.

Some of the reasons why they think Math is racist

As evident from the following material that was partially funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.

  • First, teachers have to accept that “white supremacy infiltrates math classrooms” pervasively. And that this is detrimental to “Black, Latinx, and multilingual students.” Among other sins, white supremacy culture in math emphasizes “right answers.” No. I am not making that up.
  •  It shows up when “math is taught linearly” because “the forced construct of linear teaching reinforces objectivity,” which is, of course, white supremacist.
  • It shows up when “grading practices are focused on a lack of knowledge” because “grades are traditionally indicative of what students can’t do rather than what they can do, reinforcing perfectionism,” which is, you got it, white supremacist.
  •  It shows up when US teachers teach math “the way they learned it” because “the way that mathematics is taught in the United States needs to be interrogated because it currently centers Western, Eurocentric ways of processing and knowing information,” which is white supremacist.

This is beyond nuts. I don’t know when I entered the Twilight Zone but I want out.

Michigan professor says he’s been ‘systematically discriminated against for 40 years for being a white man’ as he demands apology from university over its new anti-racism policies

Jeffrey Burl wrote to his employers, Michigan Technological University, after they passed a resolution criticizing ‘anti-Blackness and systemic racism’ in both the college and society.

In his letter Burl, who is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, writes: ‘I find this resolution particularly offensive because I, as a white male, have been systematically discriminated against for 40 years.

‘Simple statistical analysis will demonstrate that Michigan Tech’s hiring practices are biased against white males.’ 

His message has sparked outrage among some students, with Michigan Tech alumni Timothy Ward creating a petition to demanding he be fired for ‘ignorance and hate’.

Read the full letter and the article I’m quoting here.

Biden’s African-American Advisor Sent Racist, Anti-White Tweets

Joe Biden’s National Director for African-American Engagement, Trey Baker, has authored a number of anti-white tweets, including quoting people instructing him to not “bring a white girl home,” The National Pulse can reveal.

Here’s a tweet about it.

“Trump Did More For Black Americans in Four Years Than What the Democrats Have Done in 100 Years”

Click here to watch the video interview where this quote was said.

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