The Pros And Cons Of The EFCA (With The AFL-CIO)

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
The Retro Lounge is the home of classic episodes of “The Recruiters Lounge” podcast that aired between 2005-2009. Tune in to hear how it was and how little has changed.

[Original air date: Feb 24, 2009] The Pros and Cons of the Employee Free Choice Act -Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen lead a “heated” debate over the Employee Free Choice Act. Listen in and find out that the more you learn about the EFCA, you either love it or you hate it. Listen in and see what side of the debate you are on. Special thanks to our guests Nancy Schiffer (Associate General Counsel, AFL-CIO) and Steve Markin (former Union member with 20 years of legal experience). Oh yes! This one was a doozy.

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