Voter ID Laws are NOT racist. This is why.

I am rebooting “The Jim Stroud Show,” my YouTube series from back in the day. Previously, my focus was on HR related issues. It later expanded to emerging technology and culture. My last video was a year old. (Time flies.) In my returning episode, I tackle the supposition that Voter ID laws are racist and the hoopla surrounding GA House Bill 531 which Democrats see as an attack on our democracy while Republicans view it as a common sense effort to fight voter fraud. Where are you on the issue? I share my thoughts.

But wait! That’s not all…

Curiously enough, as I was preparing this email, I stumbled across tweets of Burgess Owens. If you live in Utah, likely you recognize his name. I think a couple of his most recent tweets match my sentiments exactly.


SENATE TESTIMONY:One last thing, have you ever wondered why there has been so much mainstream media attention on vaccines but virtually nothing on preventative treatment options? Click here to watch a very compelling video of Richard Urso, MD as he testifies before the Texas Senate HHS Committee.

I suspect that this video will be censored by YouTube one day so. watch it while you can. Such is also the reason why my new videos will be shared via YouTube alternatives. Click here to follow my blog so you don’t miss out. More news tomorrow.

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