Biden Watch: Our President in action

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As I was perusing my daily dose of articles, President Biden came up a lot. Go figure. As such, I decided to break this edition of my newsletter up into 2 parts: “Biden Watch” and everything else that caught my eye. I might make this a regular thing. Good idea?

Biden Watch

I didn’t say that but I did…

President Biden said he never told immigrants to surge the border. Essentially, denying things said as candidate Biden.

Biden the Diplomat

Umm… this.

President Harris

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Its only a matter of time before his statement is true.

Oh, the irony…

I’m not mad. If it worked before, why wouldn’t it work now?

This is how you tax the rich?

It looks like the Average American is about to become a lot poorer.

I want you to pay $15! Not me.

Umm… hypocrissy much?

Speak against Biden policies and you’re a racist!

When I said racism wasn’t right or wrong, just politics, I was talking about (insert expletive of your choice) news commentary like this!

The Hunter Biden Movie

For some reason, I doubt this will get any Oscar attention despite (what I predict will be) immense popularity with the right. (Get more details here.)

And now, something completely different…


Oh, that was meant for you. Not me. I’m special.

Why do politicians think they are above the people who put them in office?

Justice for Trump?

The mainstream made a lot of money hating on Trump. Now that he’s gone

Okay, who saw this coming? (Besides me.)

Drag Queen Story Hour is  is just what it sounds like – drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores. Parents on the right had concerns about the program and when they resisted it, they were called homophobe, transphobe or (fill in the blank here) by the more “woke” parents who cheered diversity. Today, this happened.

I was not shocked by this. Why? Well, its not because I’m homophobic. Its because this has happened before along with other questionable behavior listed here. Sigh.

Okay, I’ve had enough. That last story really bothered me. If you have Drag Queen Story Hour in your local library, please do not support it. Consenting adults can make their own choices, they just need to stay away from the children. That’s my opinion. Sticking to it. Hopefully, this sentiment will catch on in Sweden.

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