LEAKED AUDIO: Biden verses the Progressives


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LEAKED AUDIO: Biden verses the Progressives

This will be circulating amidst Conservative outlets this week, I’m sure, due to some added attention its getting now. To quote Becker News:

Leaked audio of Biden has enraged progressives who are dismayed the new administration isn’t moving fast enough to ram through radical changes. The audio reveals Biden’s hesitancy to abuse executive orders in as authoritarian a fashion as the extremist left wants, causing some political commentators to despair of a 2022 bloodbath in the midterm elections.

In the first leaked audio clip, Biden shouted down civil rights leaders after the 2020 election and before the Georgia midterm election pushing for him to abuse his executive order authority.

In the second leaked audio clip, Biden frustrates progressives who want to see him violate the Constitution as president to ram through extreme changes to the nation.

Left-wing pundit Krystal Ball (of “The Hill”) analyzed the clips cited in the article and others. This was her take when the audio first appeared in December 2020.

“I can’t possibly overstate how important Biden’s attitude towards executive action really is,” Ball railed. “It means substantively that we are going to have complete gridlock, and next to zero progress. And a lack of progress while the bottom is falling out doesn’t mean the same place. It means collapse. It means destruction.”

“And that lack of progress politically means the Democrats are going to be absolutely destroyed in the mid-term elections,” she added. “As a nation rightfully enraged by how they’ve been left out to dry seeks revenge on those at the top. And it means that the populist rage that brought us Trump and Bernie is only going to grow in strength and import.”

When the 2022 elections come, I predict that there will be an electoral bloodbath and many Democrats will lose their seats. However, I think it will be because of the policies they implemented and the 75 executive orders (so far) Biden initiated. I disagree that the bloodbath will happen because Biden did not go far enough. And it will also be for the gaffes, memes and missteps that circulate on social media although, largely ignored by the mainstream media. Like this one.

Big Tech censorship is alive and well

This is beyond out of hand. When will it end? 3 possibilities: 1) big tech turns against the left (doubtful), 2) Conservative politicians surge in influence (very possible in 2022 and 2024) or 3) Americans begin suing en masse (an uphill battle big tech is trying to make even more difficult).


Until one or all of the 3 options I cited happens, this kind of thing will continue without significant consequences.

What could go wrong?

As an authority in totalitarianism, it seems only logical that China should have influence in this. #sarcasm To quote The Ohio Star:

On Tuesday, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) publicly petitioned for the World Health Organization (WHO) to let the Chinese government take charge of a proposed “vaccine passport” system for the entire world in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic that China started, as reported by Breitbart.

The proposal appeared in the Global Times, a Chinese government-run newspaper, which said that China could utilize its connections to Big Tech companies in order to build and sustain an international tracking system for any individuals who either have or have not yet received a coronavirus vaccine.

A Difference in Memes

This is a meme.

This is a racist meme, otherwise known as “digital blackface.”

Click here to get the full context of why that is. Below is a sneak peek.

If you ask me, using black celebs in memes is not blackface. I think that’s laughable. Click here (and here for more context) or here for what I think is black face and offensive.

What Border Crisis?

Aracamax reports:

The U.S. Homeland Security secretary said he’s not worried about setting a precedent on open borders by allowing thousands of unaccompanied minors to enter the country from Mexico.

“The border is closed,” Alejandro Mayorkas said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” adding that immigration authorities are expelling families and single adults, but not children who cross the border alone. “We will not expel into the Mexican desert, for example, three orphan children whom I saw over the last two weeks. We just won’t do that,” Mayorkas said.

A major focus for the Biden administration, he said, is rebuilding “orderly systems” in Mexico and Central America to discourage would-be migrants from traveling to the U.S. border.

“It takes time, because the entire system was dismantled” by the prior administration, he said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Translation: Its not our fault. Trump did it. Blame him.


And now, some good news!!!

I HATE CRT so I LOVE seeing this.

What was Netflix thinking? (If at all.)

Who… who… WHO approved this?


The liberal fever dream of disarming lawful gun owners came through in Season Three of Netflix’s Paradise P.D. Along with attacking gun rights, it was also blasphemous against Christianity, featuring a video of a gun-wielding Jesus that turns into a porno

I’m not the final authority but, I think someone is going to Hell over this. (Luke 23:34)

That’s it for today. More tomorrow.

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