Help Wanted: White Men Need Not Apply

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Racism is wrong. Its wrong to be racist against black people and its wrong to be racist against white people. Its just wrong, period. And it really bothers me how Americans are racing back to an era of segregation in an effort to be politically correct. Something is really wrong and I hope we wake up to it soon enough. Until that day comes, we will continue to see news stories and shared opinions akin to what I am sharing below. Sigh.

Help Wanted: White Men Need Not Apply

I really like The Washington Examiner which is evident by how often I quote them. This recent story was not shocking to me. I’ve seen what they reported on before. However, I get upset each time. Here’s a quote:

Chat logs between an employee and a hiring manager viewed by the Washington Examiner detail an incident where a minority candidate with strong credentials performed exceptionally well in an interview. When that employee suggested to the hiring manager that the company wave the candidate through to the next step in the process, the hiring manager dismissed the candidate under the assumption he was white.

After learning that the candidate belonged to a minority group, the manager said she was excited to hire him, despite learning virtually nothing else about his background.

“Given the hiring practices they have in place where white, male candidates are blocked, regardless of qualifications, I have to say, ‘Yes, there’s obvious discrimination at this company,'” one employee told the Washington Examiner.

Another time, an employee suggested a candidate with years of industry experience. That employee was informed by the hiring manager that the candidate, a white man, could not be interviewed because he didn’t meet the diversity criteria.

Cigna did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

After reading that article, download my free ebook on critical race theory and pass it on. We need to stop this dangerous but increasingly socially acceptable racism. It is evil.

When you assume, you make an ass of U not me

Brietbart reported that “Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, declared that “violent white men” are the “greatest terrorist threat” to the United States following the deadly grocery store shooting in Boulder, Colorado, later setting off a firestorm on social media by erroneously assuming the suspect, a Syrian immigrant, was white.”

Meena Harris tweeted this:

And as Breitbart pointed out, she was repeatedly criticized for her assumption. Case in point, check out this tweet:

Meena Harris may have been wrong about her assumption in this case, but what about all the other mass shootings in the USA. Did she have a point? No, she did not. After a bit of research, I found this graphic depicting 2020 Mass Shooters. (Mass Shooter being defined as a list on Wikipedia and people who have been convicted, charged with or wanted for violent crimes in connection with those shootings. And while there are certainly white men in this collection, it was not enough to persuade me to Meena Harris’ argument.)

The raging hate against white males is tangible. Its been around awhile but, it is certainly more pernicious these days and as I commented earlier, more socially acceptable. For example, can imagine the uproar if President Trump said that he would only hire white men for his Cabinet? Well, the reverse has happened. Where is the outrage?

Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Mazie Hirono (D-HI), issued statements demanding a racist, anti-white ban on further cabinet appointments for white people. Watch the video to hear it for yourself.

A recent tweet from Candace Owens touches on this issue on seeing white men as the chief oppressor of all races (which is what critical race theory teaches).

She made a couple of claims that I don’t hear in the mainstream media, at all. I imagine the general public were unfamiliar with these claims and likely to dismiss them as a result. So, I decided to look it up for myself in order to validate or dismiss them. Candace was correct. Here are some stats.

Blacks are attacked the most by blacks, overwhelmingly.

Blacks attack Asians more than any other group.

Tell the truth and they call you crazy

Daily Mail reported on a Diversity and Inclusion trainer who… wait for it… told the truth and as a result, sparked outrage from attendees and cancellation attempts. What did she say? I quote:

‘Are all the inequities you experience at the hands of white people?’ Baldwin asked.  

In her presentation, she referred to phrases including white supremacy, white privilege and systematic racism as ‘myths’ and argued that they shouldn’t be used because they distract from solutions and don’t account for the fact that people of color can cause just as much harm as white people

Kudos to you Brandi Baldwin! I agree with you. White privilege is a myth.

Was George Floyd murdered?

Click here to see George Floyd’s autopsy report.

Read it carefully and you will notice that he tested positive for fentanyl and methamphetamine. Those facts coupled with several underlying conditions are what the lawyers will argue is what really killed George Floyd. (Tucker Carlson goes into detail on this and other related facts on his show here.) If you view the facts objectively, you realize that George Floyd might not have been murdered on camera; at most manslaughter and that’s a bit iffy. (I am not a lawyer or a medical expert. I’m only speculating.)

Why do I bring this up? Well, unless you support the media narrative that cops in general hunt black men in the streets like wild animals and the officer charged with murdering George Floyd in particular then, you are… come on, you know… a racist. In addition to being branded with the scarlet letter of “R,” you may also be cancelled from your job. Case in point, here is a quote from The Daily Wire.

An Ohio Catholic high school theology teacher was fired after students released a video of her stating that George Floyd’s cause of death was disputed. 

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Bishop Ready High School teacher Deborah DelPrince was placed on administrative leave following her comments about Floyd. She was subsequently fired following media and student backlash. DelPrince has been a teacher in the Columbus area since 1999. 

Apparently, freedom of expression is nullified if your opinion contradicts leftist ideology. Here is the tweet that got her fired. In my opinion, it was unfair.

The whole incident underlies the obvious tension around the George Floyd murder trial. I don’t know all the facts. I have not seen all the evidence. In the minds of most Americans, the policeman charged should go to jail. If he is proven guilty in court or proven innocent, it is for a jury to decide. It is not up to the media or an uninformed mob demanding justice to try and convict the policeman charged. Every American is entitled to a fair trial, even when their guilt appears obvious. If we do not have a justice system, we have anarchy and the “peaceful protests” of 2020 are a dark reminder of what we do not want.

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