PODCAST – This is Why Recruiters Don’t Give Feedback

I have a background in recruiting so from time to time, I get questions like this via LinkedIn, “Do you think companies should give more feedback to candidates after interviews?” The question was posed to me in an open forum. Before I responded, I noticed that the comments were from the perspective of the jobseeker.

Understandably, everyone who interviews for a job wants to know the “real deal” on why they were rejected. More often than not, job seekers receive a form letter that says (in so many words) thanks but no thanks, we hired someone else. As blunt as that response is, I think it’s the best course of action for the company. Why? Several reasons but this recent headline gives one prime example – “Facebook Told Black Applicant with PH.D She Needed to Show Culture Fit.” In this episode, I discuss that article and my reactions. 

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