When you follow the money, it all makes sense.

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When you follow the money, it all makes sense. 

Race relations in America is a HOT topic these days. Gallup found that “48% worry a great deal about race relations, up 17 points since 2020.” In my opinion, this is due in LARGE part to the mainstream media. They deliberately fan the flames of racial division at every opportunity. When the Atlanta Spa Shootings happened in Atlanta for instance, the reflex reaction was to change it into a racial issue. Here are a few of their headlines related to that incident.

While I suppose the racial angle got CNN more ratings, it was not honest reporting as it was later revealed that the killer was motivated by sex addiction and not racial hatred of Asians. Nor was it accented that not all of the victims were Asians. The story was framed to depict white people as mass killers of Asian people; even when the data does not support that.

This type of thinking is rooted in the critical race theory (cursed was the day that idea was spawned). Asian Americans are vehemently against critical race theory so I don’t imagine the majority of them buying into the “whites are born evil oppressors out to get them” rhetoric. I’m also beginning to notice Asian Americans speak out, like this person here.

But, I digress. When the mass shooting happened in Boulder, CO, the media was quick to denounce it as a white male shooter, only to recant and change the subject when it was discovered he was Syrian. (I talked about that already.)

No emphasis was placed on the race of the victims in this story as was in the previous story when most of them were Asian.

And another story as recent as March 28, 2021. CNN was slammed for using the word “accident” in a tweet reporting on the killing of an Uber Eats driver that was reportedly carried out by two teenage girls. The girls were armed with a taser so, their intent seemed much more than joyriding. A few tweets of righteous indignation followed CNN’s reporting. I salute them.

This one from the Managing Editor of NewsBusters.

This one from the former Whitehouse Press Secretary.

And this might be my favorite tweet on the topic thus far.

The way the media plays games with race is more than infuriating. I think it is evil. If it were a deliberate plan to destroy America, its hard to imagine a more effective one. “Divide and conquer” is a tried and true tactic that is working more today than ever before. And if this is a divide and conquer tactic then, who is behind it? My guess would be China. Why? According to The Federalist, China has several ties to the Mainstream media. Consider these facts (and by the way, CCP stands for “Chinese Communist Party“):

CNN is owned and operated by WarnerMedia, which has significant financial and institutional ties to the CCP. In June 2013, WarnerMedia announced it had forged a partnership with a Chinese investment fund to the tune of $50 million. The funding would directly invest in the China Media Capital (CMC), a media company with oversight from the CCP, meaning it is subject to censorship and other demands to push Chinese propaganda. WarnerMedia considers China a “partner” in their economic and cinematic ventures.

“Increasing our global presence is one of Time Warner’s strategic priorities and China is one of the most attractive territories in which we operate, but it’s complex. This alliance will give all our businesses a savvy and accomplished partner,” said WarnerMedia Chairman and Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes.

According to Raleigh, when American companies work with organizations such as CMC, they are subject to China’s use of its laws to advance its global objectives, including their cyber security law. This includes forced technology transfers, leaving companies and data subject to random searches from the CCP. Companies are also forced to build data centers in China, where the CCP can observe the data directly. All of this poses a national security risk for the United States.

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker also has a connection with China. According to CNN, Zucker works internally with Turner Sports and is responsible for programming acquisitions, production, marketing, league relations, and sports advertisement sales. Turner Sports works directly with the NBA to broadcast games in China, meaning Zucker has ample business in the Middle Kingdom, where American businessmen seek to keep the CCP happy so the money keeps rolling.

To be fair, CNN is not the only media outlet influenced by China’s money. The list includes…

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • Bloomberg

When you follow the money, things really become clear on who is working against the American people. Media companies greedily accept China’s money despite the national ramifications and as a result, China uses their influence to tear down the United States and eventually, take over the world.


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