Google (okay, Alphabet): Its Time to Break You Up

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Google has too much power.

Google has too much power over your mind.

Google has too much power over your body, your country and the world.

Google (okay, Alphabet, but you get me) should be broken up.

Consider this data point from Digital Information World.

According to recently updated stats by StatCounter, more than 92 percent of search queries on the internet across the globe are looked up on Google. Following Google is Microsoft’s Bing that is only occupying a 2.78% search engine market share. At the third place lies Yahoo! With 1.6% queries being searched through it worldwide. These stats are a clear indication of Google’s dominance.

Russia’s Yandex rounds off the top 5 with a 1.29% market share. Baidu, the top search engine in China, is currently witnessing about 0.92% of all search queries worldwide going through it.

Here is a visual to put that quote in further context.

Google is synonymous with search. This is dangerous. Why? Well, its better I show you. Below are news search results on Duck Duck Go, my favorite search engine. As you would expect, a search on “riots today” brings back news reports of riots in Minneapolis.

Here is a Google News search done on April 13, 2021. In the ten results of page 1, only two stories were of the Minneapolis riots. The others were about the Capital Riots in January and other riots around the world. Its important to note that while I searched for “riots today,” most of the search results were from weeks ago and not based on my location which is how their system usually works.

Is this somehow a mistake? Did Google not mean to downplay the Minnesota riots happening today? Possibly, but I am skeptical. I switched from Google to DuckDuckGo years ago once I realized how often they have scrutinized for bias. Its been proven that they bury conservative media results on occasion. I produced a video on this very topic a few years back. At first glance, it looks like some things never change. (Its from 2018 but the points are still valid – sadly.) Spoiler alert: If you rely on Google to be an impartial distributor of facts (like an Encyclopedia) then you are sorely mistaken.

If you realize, as I do, that big tech companies (like Google, Alphabet, whatever…) hold too much power and need to be broken up like other monopolies then, sign the petition. Thank you in advance.

I’ll leave you wondering the ramifications of the tweet below. Okay, no I won’t. I predict we will see more labels on YouTube, labels on Google Images, more conservative content obfuscated or (as I imagine, due to the tweet below, buried in the search results after being labeled “misinformation”) simply removed and/or whatever new goodies Google dreams up. And because Google is so popular, people will continue to accept is as normal although there are some better search alternatives – DuckDuckGo.

Where is that petition again?

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